Curry night in our house is generally using one of The Twisted Curry Co mixes, we love them. They are so easy to use, there is a full range of curry mixes from mild ones right up to the hottest one, and we have had it and boy was it hot and that’s the naga phal curry.

Tonight it is the Ceylon Curry, it’s a coconut creamy curry and I’ve made it with chicken breast and onion, but you can put in what ever you like or what ever vegetables, and I served it with pilau rice.

My Ingredients

The ingredients are on the back of the packet stating what you need for the curry and the instructions are on the inside, they are simple to follow.

The Twisted Curry Co are based in Wetwang, Yorkshire. They can also be found on farmers markets and food fairs or you can order on their website.

They use garlic and ginger puree to mix with the spices and I get the jars so I always have them in.

These kits are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and they can be used as a slimming option and have the healthy option ingredients on the packet.

Overall you get an authentic curry like you would from a takeaway in a packet, the flavours are real and you don’t get that processed flavour you would from a jar. I would recommend you try them.

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