Following on from my review of The Pie Life Gluten-Free Pies here is my review of their gluten-free Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Sticky toffee pudding is one of my favourite puddings. It was one of my popular lines when I ran the bakery. My son’s girlfriend at the time wouldn’t eat normal sticky toffee puddings because they had dates in but would eat mine, they still had dates in but I didn’t tell her that and she loved them.

Anyway, I was sent this gluten-free sticky toffee pudding with the pies from The Pie Life so I thought I would have it after my tea. The instructions do state you have to defrost it in the fridge so I got out the night before, it came in its little reusable black pot and only needed 30 seconds in the microwave and its piping hot.

The one I was sent didn’t have a sauce in but dont worry I have been told that the ones on the website will have a toffee sauce with it as mine was a sample that they were working on.

I did make my own sauce for it as it’s not a sticky toffee pudding without one. It was a enjoyable moist pudding with finely chopped dates and you could taste all the flavours in it as well, a very pleasant pudding overall.

I served ours with a toffee sauce and ice cream I also think clotted cream would be lovely with this pudding.

These are going to be on the website soon so check their website at

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