I was contacted by The Pie Life and ask if I would like to try a selection of their pies, well being an ex-pie maker I jumped at the chance to try them.

I have seen them Facebook and are getting some fab reviews.

You can order these online at www.thepielife.co.uk

I was contacted to say that they were going to be delivered the next day and when they arrived they were well packed and still frozen and the ice packs were still frozen solid.

I kept two pies out for our tea and a crumble for Keith for his pudding.

I thought we would try the Steak and Ale pie and the Venison, Red Wine and Mushroom pie.

The rest went in the freezer for another day. The instructions says you have to defrost in the fridge for 24 hours.

The Venison, Red Wine and Mushroom pie is in a water crust pastry and is 300g in weight and you cook it in the black pot it comes in. It’s a reusable container so you can wash it out and use it for something else.

Venison red wine and mushroom pie

The Steak and Ale pie is in a shortcrust pastry and they have used a naturally gluten-free ale which is really good as not all coeliacs can have gluten-removed ales as they still cause a reaction in some people. This is a 300g pie and comes with its reusable pot.

Steak and ale

The cooking instructions on the back of the wrapper are for a fan oven only, but ideally they should also be for conventional electric ovens and gas ovens too.

A quick conversion and the 190°C stated equates to 210°C. The pies are baked for 30 minutes.

Taking them out of the oven the pastry was lovely and crispy and piping hot. Cutting into the pies they were full of filling with a nice runny gravy and the same with the other one.

The Venison, Red Wine and Mushroom Pie cooked

The Venison pie had a lovely flavour the red wine sauce came out and it complements the succulent venison pieces and the water crust pastry was really good and you couldn’t tell that it was gluten-free and also didn’t fall apart when cutting into it. It was the best gluten-free water crust pastry I have had as it didn’t leave a bitter after taste and wasn’t brittle like some are.

Steak and Ale pie cooked

The Steak and Ale had plenty of filling. You can taste the ale but we did find it slightly too salty for our liking. The pastry held together nicely and it was hard to tell it was gluten-free.

Keith had a BlackBerry and Apple crumble for pudding and enjoyed this too. These are a 200g pie with shortcrust pastry on the bottom with a fruit filling and a crumble topping.

BlackBerry and Apple Crumble pie

You have to cook this at 190c for 20 minutes but did feel it could have done with a bit longer as it did have a soggy bottom. The filling was very nice Keith says it wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t too tart there was a nice balance plenty of crumble on the top

I was really impressed with these pies and I do recommend that you do try them and you won’t be disappointed with them.

I am looking forward to trying the rest and especially the sticky toffee pudding. Oooo! do I hear you say? Well, you will have to wait for the review on that one we are full from the ones we have just enjoyed.

All prices can be found on The Pie Life website.

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