Its starting to look like Christmas in Tesco for those of us that need Gluten Free. Here is the free from Christmas 2019 selection that they have on the shelves.

Deep filled mince pies. These were my favourite last year, and at £1.50 for four really good value for money.

These are new this year their Enrobed cookies and cream and Enrobed orange cookies and cream and are £2 for a packet.

These are Belgian chocolate coated shortbread £2.50

Tesco’s finest cookie selection £3.50

These Caramelised Apple Crumble Pies are interesting I will be definitely trying them and at £1.75 for four not bad in price too.

The Panettone is back again this year and its £3. I enjoyed this last year and will be getting another one this year.

Here is the iced slab Christmas Cake its £2.50.

There are two sized Christmas puddings £1.50 for the individual ones and £ 3.75 for the family sized one.

Nairn’s have a savoury biscuit selection out too 6 different types of biscuits in for £3.75 so bring on the cheese.

These are new this year its Maple Bacon Tortilla Curls, they are £1 a packet.

They have a good selection of dairy free chocolates chocolate coins £1, Advent calendar £2.50, selection boxes £3, moo free hazelnut truffles £5 and Tesco’s finest truffle selection £5

They haven’t got the Christmas dinner bits out yet such as pigs in blankets, sausage meat etc, I know from past years Tesco is the place to be for the Christmas season.

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