I’ve been wanting to try the Old El Paso Gluten Free Fajita Kit for a while now but the price tag of around £5 in the main supermarkets has always put me off to be honest, I always thought it was a rip off compared to the normal ones.

I was so happy when Aldi got them in on there gluten free specials and they were half the price of the main supermarkets.

I got all my ingredients while I was in there, I like chicken, onions and peppers and I make my own garlic mayonnaise.

On the box it says it serves 4 and will be done in 15 minutes so a quick meal.

When I opened the box it had the tortillas, season mix and the salsa.

I thought the tortillas were on the small side and I’m thinking I wouldn’t get much filling in them and they wouldn’t feed 4 people, It a good job there was only 2 of us tonight for tea.

The tortilla stayed intact and didn’t fall apart when they were filled and weren’t claggy and were really nice.

Next time I have fajitas I wont buy the kit as you can get the full size gluten free tortillas and the fajita seasoning that is gluten free for less than what was in the kit.

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