Roast Beef And Yorkshire Puddings

Well today is 1st August and it is Yorkshire day, and what more can you have on Yorkshire day is roast beef and Yorkshire puddings Originally they were served as a starter with gravy to fill you up so you didn’t want to much meat as it was expensive and some house holds didn’t even […]

Gluten Free Beef Stroganoff Recipe

This is a favourite in our house its so simple to make, and uses simple ingredients and is an easy weekday meal. INGREDIENTS: 4 sizzling steaks cut into strips. 1 tbsp oil 250g mushrooms sliced. 1 large onion sliced 350ml of cold water 1 gluten free beef stock cube. 2 tbsp cornflour. Crème fraiche Flaked […]

Gluten Free Yorkshire Tea Loaf Recipe

This recipe makes a delicious, moist fruit tea loaf that is gluten-free and dairy-free. It can be enjoyed on its own with a cup of Yorkshire tea or with butter and cheese, especially Wensleydale cheese. Ingredients: Ingredient Amount Freshly made black tea 350 ml Mixed dried fruit 350 g Medium eggs 2 Light brown sugar […]

Gluten Free KFC Style Chicken Recipe

This is my version of KFC style chicken and its gluten free. This is a big hit in our house and I often make it with extras so we can nibble on it the next day, it can be served with all the sides and your not missing out. INGREDIENTS: Seasoning: This will make more […]

Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings Recipe

This is my recipe for Yorkshire puddings they can be made dairy free too. The mix should get 12 medium ones if you use a Yorkshire pudding tin. INGREDIENTS: 50g plain gf flour 50g corn flour Pinch of salt 4 eggs beaten 150ml milk/ unsweetened soya milk Oil for greasing the pan Put the dry […]

Gluten Free Fruit Scones Recipe

This recipe is a labour of love , the amount of times I tried to make scones and ended up with little flat things. I remember asking my auntie Norma if she made scones for my cousin to see where I was going wrong. I was told to stick two together that makes a nice […]

Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

This recipe makes a lovely light sponge cake, when I first started to make cakes I had a play around with different self-raising flours and found some needed an extra bit of xanthan gum in, as it would make the cake heavy, but my flour of choice is Glebe Farm. INGREDIENTS : 225g gluten free […]