Gluten Free Mac n Cheese with Garlic Bread Recipe

Gluten Free Mac n Cheese with Garlic Bread is a very quick meal to do it takes a matter of minutes to make in the pressure cooker. I use a Pressure King Pro. It’s in a rich cheesy sauce and I have added bacon lardons. It can be made dairy free if you use dairy […]

Gluten Free Lemon Curd Steamed Pudding Recipe

This is a lovely gluten free lemon curd steamed pudding, it is so lemony with a double hit from the sponge and the lemon curd on top. I cooked this sponge pudding in my Pressure King Pro pressure cooker as it does it in half the time than in a normal steamer. This takes 50 […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread Recipe

Every now and again I just fancy a nice shortbread biscuit with my cuppa. This recipe is quick and easy you just throw everything in a mixer mix it all together the only hard thing is not eating them until they have cooled. Ingredients: 250g butter / dairy free version. 110g caster sugar. 180g ground […]

Betty Crockers Gluten Free Chocolate Cake made in the Presure King Pro

When Aldi had their gluten free special I picked up a couple of boxes of gluten free Betty Crocker Devils Food chocolate cake. I first discovered that you could cook cakes when I had my 5lt Presure King Pro, I made one for boxing day and it went down well with everyone. I got a […]

Gluten Free Steak and Stilton Pie Recipe

This is a favourite when the weather is rubbish out, it was also one of the favourite pies on our markets they would always sell out. It’s a deep filled pie with loads of filling and gravy with blue stilton sprinkled on the filling it melts into the pie and the pastry. Ingredients: Mandy’s gluten […]

Gluten Free Scotch Eggs Recipe

I love scotch eggs I make these all the time and they are so simple to make and I bake them in the oven rather than deep fried. Ingredients: 2 large free range eggs Sausage meat, I used Squig square Cumberland British pork sausage. Bread crumbs fresh or dried.. 2 Eggs for egg wash Fry […]

Gluten Free Meatballs In Tomato Sauce with Linguine Recipe

This is a quick and easy meal and it’s healthy too you can add more veg, Or even leave the meatballs out and it could be vegetarian. Ingredients: 500g 5% mince beef. 1tsp salt. 1tsp pepper. 1 large egg free range. 1 tbsp oil or fry light. 1 400g tinned chopped tomatoes. 1 onion finally […]

Gluten Free Fruit Crumble Recipe

You can make some lovely fruit crumbles have a play around with flavours this is an apple crumble, I use eating apples rather than cooking apples it’s just my preference. A favourite of mine is rhubarb and ginger crumble but like I said have a play around. Also with the topping too there’s all sorts […]

Garlic Mushroom and Chive Omelette Recipe

This is a light lunch can be served on its own or as a meal with salad. Ingredients: 4 large free range eggs Sliced mushrooms Chopped chives 2 Garlic cloves grated Knob of butter Grated cheese Method: Put the grill on and heat up. Whisk the eggs and add a splash of water In a […]

Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

This is a recipe for a gluten free sticky toffee pudding, it can be dairy free just by replacing the margarine with dairy free and the cream with coconut cream, This is a lovely pudding with a rich toffee sauce and can be served with custard or ice cream. Ingredients: 200g finely chopped Dried dates. […]